Looking for Volunteers

The History Society have been fortunate in receiving a grant from Newport Town Council to  employ a professional archaeologist to plan, organise and evaluate a small project called


The back ground: No work has been done on this subject in Newport  before.

As a planned new town (just like Telford) we do not know how much was ‘planned’ in the 12th century by King Henry l

A burgage was a town rental property, owned by, in this case, the king. The property (“burgage plot”)  consisted of a house on a long and narrow plot of land  with a narrow street frontage. Plot sizes were often the statutory ‘perch’ (16.½ feet wide), but sometimes a  different  local  perch was used.

What we are intending to do is to measure the frontages of High Street, St Mary Street, Upper Bar and Lower Bar. Some of Beaumaris Road and Audley Road are also  likely to be of interest. We shall measure the widths of the plots to see if a pattern of development emerges. As a ‘new town’, the plots should all be the same width, but we suspect that there may be different widths, especially if the town was enlarged later via the Upper and Lower Bars.

The measuring will be on two Sunday mornings ( because  it will be quiet then) probably during August. If  it turns out that many people are unavailable on a certain  date, we can alter the days as necessary, so please  volunteer, but also give use the dates that you are available.

If anyone would like to be involved with the measuring and recording, please contact Linda on thefernsshropshire@hotmail.co.uk