Items from the Newport & Market Drayton Advertiser 1891

Some volunteers are digitising the Advertisers from 1891-1914, and Linda Fletcher came upon some interesting reports in 1891.

Please get in touch via if you would like to help; you do need to be local as you would need to borrow an Advertiser typescript to be OCR’d.

The first is from the Newport Local Board – precursor of Newport U D Council – who were involved with a county scheme for Agricultural Technical Education. The discussion is on grants for such courses, ie cheese making, but veered onto cooking.

A resolution from the “Ladies” Committee asking the Council for a grant towards the provision of the necessary stove & kitchen apparatus to carry out proposed instruction in cookery & it was recommended a moderate grant should be made of £650. The Ladies Committee had been working exceedingly hard, & arrangements would soon be completed for giving cooking lessons throughout the county……

Sir Thomas Boughey said Cookery Classes were a waste of money as there is hardly a town in the county in which they had not been tried & been an utter failure.  At Newport last year the ladies of the town went to a great deal of expense to teach cookery, but it was as usual quite a failure.  He thought it was all very well to give some of this money as an experiment to try what he might call technical agricultural education but he was one of those who considered the whole thing would be a failure & that the Government of the country would consider the money had been completely wasted, & he should not be surprised if this present Government, or at any rate the next, refused to give any more money for this purpose of Technical Education.  He certainly did not think money should be used for cookery classes which always proved a failure.  If they wanted to teach girls anything it would have been much better to teach them laundry work.  The Chairman explained that the classes would undertake laundry work & instruction in domestic service.

There was nothing of general interest in the report of the Workhouse Visitors, but the Master, in his journal, stated that an inmate, one of the regular pumpers, refused to pump water into the tank on Sunday 19th. July, because “it was wrong to work on Sunday”.  The Master stated that for this offence the man had been put on bread & water for 12 hours.  The Chairman said it should have been bread without water.  Mr. Radcliffe said they were obliged to pump water on the Sunday as the tank did not hold enough to last over Sunday.  The Masters action was approved.  He also reported that Ruth Birk, an inmate, had been sent to gaol by Colonel Leake for seven days for insolence & unruly behaviour in the House.

Highly desirable freehold residential & other property & land, situate at Newport, Salop.
TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION BY MR. POOLER On Tuesday 10th Feb. 1891 at the Barley Mow Hotel, Newport, aforesaid at 5 for 6 o’clock & subject to Conditions of Sale to be read:-
LOT 1 All that substantially built & conveniently arranged residence called “Smallwood House” with the cottage (now used as offices), Stables, Coach-houses, Pleasure Grounds & Gardens, & Three pieces of Fertile Arable, & Pasture Land, containing in the whole 7A 1R 21P, or thereabouts, late belonging to & in the occupation of B.H. Smallwood Esq. deceased.  These premises are in thorough repair & replete with every convenience.  The Stable arrangements are perfect, the Grounds tastefully arranged & the Land of a productive character.