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Published as booklet: September 2018 – Published on-line: January 2019

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FROM THOMAS PICKEN’S PAPERS – ‘A Note about oxen and celebrations in Newport’
(New 25 Oct 2019)

FROM THOMAS PICKEN’S PAPERS – ‘A relic of Newport’s  Old Corporation’
(New 25 Oct 2019)

A Glimpse of Newport High Street 1857

Looking For Volunteers

Chairman’s Report

More on 77 High Street

The Victoria County History – Newport
The Scoping Study (New 15 May 2019)

Newport High Street 1838

T & W’s Councillor’s Pride Fund (New 21 Feb 2019)

A Rather Busy Summer (updated 01 Jan 2019)

81-83 High Street Research Moves on…again
(updated 01 Jan 2019)


Examining 77 High Street

Shirt Sales


Snailbeach Lead Mine Visit

Word Meanings

Information about the Society