Newport Then and Now in Maps

You may find these Internet links in exploring the history of buildings, roads, boundaries, ponds, fields etc. in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in Newport and the area.

Old OS Maps
You can get OS 1:2500 and 1: 10560 scale maps for Shropshire for 1881, 1902, 1926 and 1961 .

Example: OS map 1:2500 part of Edgmond in 1926.

Old Maps Edgmond 1924
Old Maps Edgmond 1924

Here is the link :

Local View Shropshire

You can get current OS mapping at all scales for 1:250,000, covering all Shropshire, to 1:50, which gives the shape of individual buildings, road etc. , if you search by post code or street.

Example: High Street, Newport

Guidhall and 3a


Here’s the link,

Google Earth and recent changes in Newport

Using Google Earth’s historical imagery option, you look the aerial photos at different, relatively recent times, since 1999 to 2018.

Example: Google Earth aerial map in 1999, and top centre the Smithfield houses and the Butter Cross development in Stafford Road are not yet built .
If you have yet got Google Earth, here’s the link: