Sheriffhales Roman Coin Hoard

The hoard was found by Mr. Terry Hayward with the aid of a metal detector on Sunday the 2nd August 2009 in the Sheriffhales area.

The pot in which the Roman coin hoard was found.

A total of 86 bronze coins were recovered, dating from the reign of Vespasian (AD69-79) to the reign of Antoninus Pius (AD138-161). Two types of coin were found to make up the hoard, sestertii and dupondii. These are large, low denomination bronze coins (sestertii being the larger of the two) issued from the 1st century AD until the middle of the 3rd century AD. These two denominations were the basic units of currency in Roman Britain. A hundred sestertii (two hundred dupondii) were equivalent to one gold aureus, the premier currency of the empire.

The coin hoard at the Guildhall.

The coins are now on permanent display in the Guildhall Heritage centre.